Emptiness Is a Long Story - The First 12 Years Revisited
The Joy of Nature, CD, 2018

Another View of The First 12 Years
The Joy of Nature, Cassette, 2018

A Roda do Tempo
Cynffeird, CD, 2015

Two Leaves Left
Ship of Fools, CDr, 2014

A ilha que perdeu o encanto

New Approach Records, 7'' Single, 2013
(not available)

My Work Was Not Yet Done
Ship of Fools, CD, 2012

The Empty Circle, part III:

Rage in Eden, CD, 2010
(not available)

a evasão das fadas

Lurker's Realm, CDr, 2010
(not available)

The dream of The Empty Circle

self-released, CDr, 2010
(not available)

The Empty Circle, part II:
Rastos de Sangue e fragmentos da Tradição
Ahnstern, CD, 2009
(not available)

Auguries of Innocence (split with novemthree)

Little Somebody, 3'' CDr, 2009
(not available)

The Empty Circle, part I:
Swirling Lands of Disquiet and Catharsi

Ahnstern, CD, 2008
(not available)

aGkaanta, asRti, Parasamgate

self-released, CDr, 2008
(not available)

The Shepherd's Tea

self-released, CDr, 2006
(not available)

The Shepherd's Tea at 7
Little Somebody, 7'' single, 2006
(not available)

The Fog that Life Is Haunted By (2nd edition)
(as The Joy of Nature and Discipline)

Bunkier Productions, CDr, 2006
(not available)

The Fog that Life Is Haunted By
(1st edition)
(as The Joy of Nature and Discipline)

Reaping Horde, CDr, 2003
(not available)


"Nonpop #4" (www.nonpop.de, mp3, 2013), with "Namarupa""Compilation for a Cat" (Not on label, mp3, 2012), with "Nobody's Fault but JJ's"
"Seiva dos Ancestrais" (Icaro I: First Compilation, CD-R, 2011), with "Seiva dos Ancestrais"

"Vita Ignes : Corpus Lignum - Summer Solstice" (Vita Ignes, mp3, 2010), with "Valsa do Apego"

"Andre Zeiten"
(Skull Line, CD-R, 2010), with "The Spiral of Seasons"

"Pagan Folk und Apocalyptic Psychedelia" (Steinklang, CD, 2009), with "Tanchão"

"My Dear Freaks II" (Caustic Records, CD, 2008), with "a_theatre_burning"

"Steinklang Industries IV" (Steinklang, CD, 2008), with "A Theatre Lost in the Vast Abyss of Starry Skies, Pt. I"

"Wilde Jaeger" (Percht, CD, 2007), with "Persona"

"All Souls Arise" (Woven Wheat Whispers, mp3, 2007), with
"The Twilight of the Old King" 

"Falésia" (enough records, mp3, 2007), with
"Fire only rests when there's nothing left to burn"

"Donec ad Metam" (#Neo-folk.it, mp3, 2007), with
"The Mad Woman Who Lives at The End of The Woods"

"Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense" (#Neo-folk.it, mp3, 2006),
with "As the river flows"

"The Nemeth" (Reaping Horde, K7/CD-R, 1999),
with "Spirals" and "A Lament For This Cursed Age"