“A Roda do Tempo” (The Wheel of Time), the new album by The Joy of Nature,  was just released on CD by Cynfeirdd.
It starts from where “The Empty Circle, part II” left, as it is a return to folk inspired songs in Portuguese. But while it keeps the dreamy sound present in previous releases, the songs are more energetic and focused than ever before.
Its main theme is the cyclical nature of time, the cyclical nature of one’s individual life and the axis of the wheel, beyond time. The lyrics were taken from or inspired by different sources – from traditional poetry from the Azores and Celtic peoples (Irish and Scottish) to ancient Chinese poetry (of Taoist inspiration) –, as all show a similar view on Fate and Will. Power over sadness observing the inevitable passage of time.
It is the most ambitious work by The Joy of Nature since the trilogy “The Empty Circle” and contains 16 brand new tracks and more than a hour of music. It features the collaborations of Costa Barbosa (Arde Fero, Triarca), Paulo Coimbra Martins (Archetypo 120, Oktober Black), João Malaquias and Joana Matos.
The video for one its tracks – “As Três Moiras Encantadas” – is available on youtube:

Two of its tracks were previously uploaded to soundcloud:

The album is available for sale at


Everything follows its own course, so no ending should ever be announced. After some time of inactivity, The Joy of Nature is back.

The brand new “Two Leaves Left” is a mini-album just released in a limited edition to 50 copies. It comes in a package in black satin with two leaves made out of fish flakes. On the inside there’s a jakebox with a vinyl-like CDr. It looks like this: 

It contains 7 new songs and more than 28 minues of music. The tracklist is the following:
01. Inland empire
02. the girl with the razor waiting by the sea
03. the locked king
04. winter is coming
05. behind the window
06. water never passes through a river in the same way
07. the boy with the gun waiting by the sea

The video made for its last song –“the boy with the gun waiting by the sea” can be seen here -

And two other tracks were made available on soundcloud:

It’s a record about isolation, memories from the past and the way out of it all, “the great void of joy”

It’s available through The Joy of Nature’s online store:

For those who don’t use paypal, please send an email to

In the meantime, a new side-project to The Joy of Nature was created – Moving Trees – in fact, it is a continuation of two other – Moving Coil e aquarelle. The change of name is due to the fact that those names were taken by other artists.

Everything about this new project is for now available on its facebook page -